Menu for the week of 12/31/17

Get your New Year off to a great start!

I will be offering “Fast Track” meals that are Zone compatible.  These includes 3 oz lean meat, 2 servings of veggies, and 1 serving of fat.  No starch means you will shed fat quicker.  When ordering, specify “zone” meals at checkout.

Also, please consult me for a nutrition counseling session if you are interesting in a meal plan and exercise program in the New Year!  FaceTime/Telehealth sessions available, but I also have an office location!


Order by tomorrow (Thursday 12/27)

Protein: pork chop, ground beef patty, chicken schwarma

Starch: couscous, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes

Veg: yellow squash, brussel sprouts, Prince Edward beans

Fat: sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts


Recipe of the week: Vegetable Lasagna


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